Holy Cross Religious Education Objective Statement

Elementary Goals 1999-2000

Goal 1

1. To Proclaim the love, message, and mission of Jesus Christ through Shared Christian Praxis


A. Use the following movements: Our Life; Sharing Life; Our Catholic Faith; Coming to Faith; Practicing Faith.

Goal 2

2. To work together as a prayer community to discover and develop the diversity of our gifts.


A. Eucharistic Liturgies

B. Daily Scripture reading

C. Daily prayer

D. Parish Mission

Goal 3

3. To dedicate ourselves to ongoing Christian formation


A. Yearly Catechist workshop

B. Catechist Certification meetings

C. Adult education classes

D. Private; "at home" study (spiritual and educational)

Goal 4

4. To evaluate the effectiveness of the CCD program


A. Self-teacher evaluation

B. Teacher program evaluation

Goal 5

5. To develop more effective communication with parents.


A. Parent open house

B. Send home the lesson taught each week.

C."Faith Alive at Home"; page.

D. Progress reports

Goal 6

6. To pledge to be accountable for all your work


A. To teach as Jesus taught - to proclaim Christ's message

B. Use the textbook faithfully

C. Follow the lesson sequence

D. Work to develop community

E. To lead your class to worship and prayer

F. Continue to grow in your faith

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Last Updated March 27, 1999