Holy Cross Religious Education Eighth Grade

EIGHTH GRADE is preparation for Confirmation. We use the Sadlier program entitled "With You Always: Confirmation." During this year the students make a special retreat, experience a Reconciliation evening and write a paper entitled "What Confirmation Means to Me." Each student is interviewed before Confirmation to make sure they understand the sacrament they are about to receive. Before an eighth grader can be confirmed, they must have completed 6th and 7th grades.


Chapter One - We hear Jesus' Good News: Called to follow Jesus Christ; the Blessed Trinity; the role of "sponsors"; St. Catherine of Siena; Making a Choice; The gift of Wisdom Chapter Two - We have been Baptized: Jesus' New Covenant with us; Chrism; Sacraments; St. Peter; Apostle: My Service Promise; the Gift of Understanding
Chapter Three - Yes We Believe: Scripture and Tradition; the Nicene Creed; the Bishop; St. Thomas More; the Gift of Right Judgment Chapter Four - Our Journey with Jesus: Conversion on Our Faith Journey; the laying on of Hands; Our Lady of Guadeloupe; A Gospel Search; the Gift of Courage
Chapter Five - Lord, hear Our Prayer: Sharing in the Bread of Life; Miter and Crosier; Prayer; Blessed Katherine Drexel; Centering Prayer; the Gift of Reverence Chapter Six - Spirit of God, be with us: Celebrating Confirmation; Choosing Scripture Readings; Gifts of the Spirit; Blessed Kateri Tekawitha; the Gift of Knowledge
Chapter Seven - Living as Confirmed Catholics: Strengthened for Service; the Fruits of the Spirit; St. Martin de Porres; Meditation on the Our Father; the Gift of Wonder and Awe Chapter Eight - Bringing Faith to Home and Parish: Working for Justice and Peace; the Second Vatican Council; St. Peter Claver; My Life of Service;
The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Examination of Conscience, Individual Rite of Reconciliation, Communal Rite of Confirmation Activity and Project Workshops,Additional Service Projects Faith Questions, Reflections, and Answers, Prayers and Practice

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